Divendo API 2.0

We’ve rebuilt our API from the ground up to be easier than ever to integrate our platform with your favourite software

Order Shipping

service * Type:String Read only:False The name of the shipping service
carriercode Type:String Read only:False The shipping carrier code
cost * Type:Decimal Read only:False The total shipping cost for the order
nominateddate Type:DateTime Read only:False The customer nominated date for shipping 
shippingdate * Type:DateTime Read only:False The date the order was shipped
consignmentnumber Type:String Read only:False The unique tracking number of the shipment


  "service": "Standard Delivery",
  "carriercode": "25",
  "cost": 0,
  "nominateddate": null,
  "notes": "",
  "shippingdate": null,
  "consignmentnumber": null