Divendo API 2.0

We’ve rebuilt our API from the ground up to be easier than ever to integrate our platform with your favourite software

Brand Contact

name * Type:Name Read only:False The name of the contact
email * Type:String Read only:False Email address of contact
address * Type:Address Read only:False Postal address of the contact
numbers* Type:String[] Read only:False Array of Contact numbers


  "name": {
    "title": null,
    "firstname": "Test",
    "surname": "Person"
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "address": {
    "addressline1": "20-22 Wenlock Road",
    "addressline2": "",
    "addressline3": "",
    "towncity": "London",
    "stateprovince": "London",
    "postalcode": "N1 7GU",
    "country": "GB"
  "numbers": [