Built for success

You know your customer, product, marketplace and price point... Divendo knows e-commerce


Dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them

We may have launched our platform in 2012, but our story started several years earlier. Armed with a wealth of digital agency experience, we initially formed as Illusion Media with our original focus being on web design and bespoke software development; but as time passed by and with the fast evolution in online retail, we started to deliver more and more online stores on behalf of our clients. That's when things started to get interesting.


If you don't like it, then build it for yourselves

Throughout our infancy, we found there were a number of solutions available in the market to build and manage successful online stores, but none that reached the standards we strived to deliver. Either the interface was confusing, the functionality was limited or the end product would make your eyes bleed; add to that we could not find a product that promoted growth in the marketplace - something that was simple and affordable for an inspiring startup, yet scalable enough to grow into a feature-rich, multi-channel solution for enterprise businesses. In early 2009, we saw an opportunity and decided to cut back on our bespoke products and started building Divendo.

So where are we today?

Divendo is a fast growing e-commerce platform, handling thousands of transactions per hour across the globe in a multitude of currencies and languages. We make it easy for our customers to integrate and manage online stores which are both appealing and successful.

Allowing easy management of assets is vital in the market, and our secure, fully hosted e-commerce platform allows our clients to fully own their online sales space. Fully flexible in the design process, the only requisites are credible user journey, intelligent sales process, and structure. With its advanced suite of behavior, merchandising and personalization tools, Divendo provides a complete management of onsite conversions and customer interaction; enabling deeper market penetration and intuitive customer engagement.

Whilst we continue to enhance and refine the experience, our goal hasn't changed since day one - to deliver an e-commerce solution that can only make your business more successful.