Product Custom Fields

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Whilst out-of-the-box, the Divendo platform contains most of the common fields used within a typical product database - we also appreciate that no two businesses are the same, and as a result there may be a requirement to store additional information relating to the products within your catalog.

From within the Divendo admin, you can add as many additional data fields as you need, without the requirement for technical changes to the underlying data structure. The information populated into custom fields can be used in a multitude of ways, for example to store additional data for internal use, or to control how a product behaves or is displayed to website visitors.

Note We recommend that you create each of your custom fields prior to populating your product catalog to speed up the process of initially loading your data. However custom fields can be added at any stage of your website life-cycle as your business needs dictate.

Types of Custom field

As of the current release, you can add custom data-fields which store information in the following formats:

Data format Description
Text Basic free text input
Yes/No Simple Yes/No (True/False) decision
Multiple Choice Define a picklist of values; a single value can then be selected against each product
Numeric Basic numeric value
Image Choose an existing image, or upload a new one
Date Simple date input
HTML snippet Select a pre-configured HTML snippet
Custom Dependant on system confguration. Speak to a support advisor for further assistance

Manage your Custom fields

  1. From your Divendo admin, select Sell.
  2. From the Manage store attributes menu, select Custom fields.

Create a Custom field

  1. From the Custom fields toolbar, click Add New. You will be prompted with the Add custom field dialog.
  2. Populate the dialog with your desired settings:
    Field Description
    Name Required The Name of the custom field
    Data format Required The underlying data format of the custom field.
    Options (Multiple Choice Only) Enter a value on each line to determine the picklist options.
  3. Click the Save button

Edit a Custom field

  1. From the Custom fields grid, double click the item that you wish to edit. You will be prompted with the Edit custom field dialog.
  2. Make any desired changes to the settings.
  3. Click the Save button

Deleting Custom fields

  1. Within the Custom fields grid, select the checkbox of each item that you wish to delete.
  2. From the Custom fields toolbar, click Delete.
  3. You will prompted to confirm that you wish to delete the selected records, click Proceed to complete the deletion process.

    Warning Deleting a custom field is an irreversible step, and any existing data within this field will also be removed from the underlying product catalog.

Export your Custom fields

  1. From the Custom fields toolbar, click Export. You will be prompted with the Data export wizard.
  2. Select your preferred File format from the dropdown menu, before clicking Proceed to export your data.